Practicum week 3

I can’t believe I’m already half way through the practicum! Time is going too fast! I am working on a really nice variety of projects that are keeping me busy and keen. I’m doing lots of concepting and designing and am growing more and more comfortable. Besides being able to work on really cool projects it’s really been great to see the flow of the studio and understanding the creative process that goes behind creating great work.  Everyday I feel like I gain better insight and knowledge into this process, I believe that this is due in large part to the studio including me in so many meetings and creative sessions. At the beginning of the practicum I was asked to fill out a questionnaire that included the overall question of “what would you like to gain from this internship.” In many situations this might seem more like a formality, but at Twice DDB it really feels like it set the stage for my time at DDB. I really feel like my responses were taken into consideration and I have been listened to and that has reflected the projects I have been assigned and the areas I have been included in. I love it! I am gaining everything that I hoped to out of this practicum and more! I really really love the Twice team, love the DDB team, love the office, love the location, am inspired by everyone’s talent and their work, but at the end of the day this practicum really is an extension of my education and it feels like even half way through I have gotten that ten times over. Although I am only assigned to be at Twice for a meager 6 weeks, everyone there has gone out of their way to show me the rope, patiently answer my questions, invited me to sit in on meetings and discussions and really taken time out of their busy days to help me and teach me. Words can’t describe how much that means and how valuable my time at Twice has already been. Thank goodness it’s not over yet 🙂

A nice perk is having a familiar face 🙂 aka Lillian! And check out the view from the office!

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