Week 7

Well here we go last blog post I will EVER WRITE. I start my new job at Toolbox on the 6 and can’t wait. Lots of changes in my life going on write now, definitely feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I have a lot of passion projects on the go right now which are keeping me pretty busy, it feels nice to just be designing for myself for a bit. I realized that a lot of the time with my projects I get really wrapped up in the target market and what suits them (a good trait to have I am told) but it means that I usually feel that a lot of my designs are done for me aka I don’t really pick the style that they will be ahead of time, the style sort of appears through moodboarding and figuring what works for the target market. It’s nice now that I am basically the target market for all my projects now so now I can explore and try all these new design styles that I have always wanted to 🙂 I can see myself doing more and more passion projects on the side of my work for sure in the future. Goals for the future you ask? Well I’d like to stay in Vancouver for a while, build up my confidence and knowledge in design for a bit and then I’d love to go live abroad and work for a while. See how other studios around the world are doing it. Then eventually come back to BC and hopefully my sister and I will be in a place where we can strike out on our own or work together in senior designer/cd positions. We’ll see what actually happens, no plans are set in stones but I figured I mine as well dream big and then see where it leads to 🙂 PEAZE OUT

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